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Endpoint Tests

The endpoint tests here are run against the Progenetix beacon and are also used to demonstrate path & query options as well as response formats.

Standard Beacon Paths

We here show examples using the Progenetix instance with its /beacon/ root path.

Base /


/filtering_terms/ + query

/biosamples/ + query




Base /individuals

/individuals/ + query



Base /variants

/variants/ + query

/variants/{id}/ or /g_variants/{id}/


Base /analyses (or /analyses)

/analyses/ + query

Non-standard output options &output=...


Beacon Support & Beacon+

Phenopackets /biosamples/{id}/phenopackets/ & /individuals/{id}/phenopackets/


Query examples

Filter use

Region query with positive and excluded filter

In this example we use a filter negation by having a ! prefixed PATO:0020002 resulting in a