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Changes & To Do

Notes about Previous Development

The bycon package was started during the development of the Beacon v2 specification with the aims to a) test and demonstrate features of the emerging specification in a real-world use case while b) serving the needs of the Progenetix oncogenomic resource. Many of the recent changes are aimed at disentangling the code base from this specific use case.

An earlier version of the Progenetix && Beacon "BeaconPlus" stack had been provided through the Perl based PGX project.

Changes Tracker

2023-04-16 (v1.7.0)

This version provides a larger update to th emulti-variant query concept. We now provide:

Also bycon now supports the default /beacon/datasets/{id}/g_variants etc. access pattern for single dataset data retrieval (the use of the datasetIds parameter is still not fully standard supported though it had been documented in the framework ... see Github issue #123).

2023-04-03 (v1.6.5)

Multi-variant matches first pass

We now implement an experimental version of multi-variant matching, to retrieve samples which show co-occurrence of 2 or more variants. This so far is limited to a few parameters:

  • NEW: variantQueryDigests in the form of 9:9000001-21975098--21967753-24000000:DEL
    • several of those can be comma-concatenated
    • probably not final name or format
    • only bracket matches & ranges working (but will change ...)
    • different variant types can be used
  • geneId has been morphed to a list parameter (though keeping the standard name)
    • usual comma-concatenation etc.
    • here only a global variantType can be provided
  • future versions to implement mixed matches etc. (e.g. sequence variant & CNV)

Other ...

  • fixed paginated handovers missing the info.content_id parameter which is used by the progenetix-web etc. front ends
  • changed the cytoBands argument to type: array, to allow definition of multiple cytogenetic regions, e.g. to indicate fusions or bracket requests
    • this might be a temporary solution for testing purposes and e.g. replaced by a future parsing of simple statements like t(8;14)(q24;q32)
  • moved some cytoband functionality to the main bycon package, from byconaut, to allow processing of cytoband requests in the main Beacon service
  • byconaut was restructured for exacutables, with housekeepers and importers directories

2024-03-25 (v1.6.4)

  • added scopes to beacon/filtering_terms/
  • fixed bug where the default splitting of input parameters by comma led to over-splitting of the "embedded list" values in plotPars (e.g. using plotPars=plotGeneSymbols=MYC,T,TP53 would lead to plotPars=plotGeneSymbols=MYC::T::TP53 ... and later errors)
    • now "non-list" strings w/ internal , are just re-joined & a warning is created

2024-03-07 (v1.6.3)

  • configuration changes:
    • beacon_defaults file changed to entity_defaults since only entities defined in it
    • paths are now defined within the entity definitions, no separate aliases etc.
    • local overrides for the Beacon entity defaults now in local/instance_overrides.yaml
    • for byconaut a separate services_entity_defaults file provides the additional services (e.g. sampleplots ... pseudo-entities)

2024-03-07 (v1.6.2)

  • adding a __collections_response_remap_cohorts(self, colls=[]) function to reformat the collections response for cohorts from the collations format
    • TODO: define cohorts as separate entities which are read in during collations generation, with their additional parameters etc.
  • fixed the openAPI endpoints for collation responses (datasets & cohorts); are incorrect in current Beacon spec.
  • bug fix byconaut: matrix export was broken since 1.6.1
  • exception capture for wrong form values: string values of "None", "none", "Null", "null" from GET requests are now converted to logical None (i.e. removed)

2024-03-06 (v1.6.1)

  • bug fix: individuals & phenopackets endpoints were broken in 1.6.0 due to missed clean up in query code
  • bug fix byconaut: vcf & pgsxseg exports were broken in 1.6.0 due to incomplete clean-up of internal variant mapping
  • bug fix byconaut: /geolocations queries were broken due to needed setting of authorization / granularity, which was handled by run_beacon_init_stack which however wasn't used by this service
  • global change: removal of run_beacon_init_stack and inclusion of its function calls in the ubiquitous initialize_bycon_service

2024-03-04 (v1.6.0)

  • simplification of internal parameter processing
  • bycon / byconaut - new method "variantsbedfile"
    • takes over for the previous bedfile/UCSC variants handover generation (removed from handover_generation)
    • defaults to bedfile download from variant query
    • output=ucsclink creates the UCSC link with added bedfile payload
  • byconaut - refactoring of to use the standard collation bundle generation instead of custom queries
  • byconaut - change of collation retrieval to work now with collationTypes parameter
    • this allows to e.g. get all clustered CNV plots for a classification tree:
      • /services/collationplots/?collationTypes=NCIT&minNumber=200
  • bug fix: broken server address in handovers
  • bug fix: id specific query for collations was broken (delivered all)
  • bug fix: mapping of basic chromosome ids (9) to refseqs was broken

2024-02-24 (v1.5.2)

  • new instance_overrides.yaml config document in local
    • this allows to override Beacon instance parameters based on the URL the service is running under, enabling multiple Beacon instances per server
  • new analysis_operation in analyses (i.e. "pgxAnalysis" in Progenetix database model) allows now the filtering of analyses based on the type of genomic profiling performed with its (so far) values:
    • "":"EDAM:operation_3961", "analysis_operation.label":"Copy number variation detection"
    • "":"EDAM:operation_3227", "analysis_operation.label":"Variant Calling"

2024-02-21 (v1.5.1)

  • BYC_PARS now as a global parameter, not passed around in methods (formerly byc["form_data"])
  • byconaut: fix of parsing of plot variables (which can be shown through &showHelp=true)
  • hot fix: added "protected" status for external_references in general empty field clean-up since the object is required by the front-end (even if empty list)

2024-02-20 (v1.5.0)

  • refactoring global configs into bycon/ to slowly get rid of some of the byc -> ... imports (e.g. global DB parameters, collecting warnings...)
  • removal of service_config parameter & generator code from bycon, nof handled explicitely in the different byconaut services
  • fixed geneVariantRequest to be selected as type when a geneId parameter is provided
  • fixed handovers for non-default datasets by adding the datasetIds parameter to the handover
    • bug was based on older design retrieving the dataset id directly from the handover in the temp storage ...
  • moved (partially so far) external_references to references in biosamples
    • reference objects are now standard id, label term objects
    • references is an object, i.e. the items are keyed {"pubmed": {"id": "PMID:1234567", ...
    • regeneration of the reference structure from Beacon/Phenopackets is done at export time
  • byconaut with new /services/samplemap/ endpoint for plotting geolocations of sample data after standard Beacon query
  • filter_definitions
    • fix for arrayexpress series processing (now AEseries)
    • changed collatiionType PMID => pubmed
  • fixed uploader fail due to missing import

2024-02-07 (v1.4.2)

  • more consolidation of argument/cgi parsing libraries
  • filter flag parameters now properly defined in argument_definitions.yaml
  • use of a common db_config object for database configuration parameters
  • piecemeal move of placeholder parameters from config.yaml (either through removal & fallbacks in methods, or through definition in argument_definitions)
  • working on error responses...
  • removed generic pre-processing methods for error & general responses
  • fixed a bug which allowed non-matching filters to pass
  • fixed examples in tests
  • fixed POST processing (wrong filters nesting as in examples ...)
  • fixed the OpenAPI "endpoints" info for the entry types

2024-02-02 (v1.4.1)

  • new ChroNames class for accessing chromosome and refseq ID mappings (still utilising byc["refseq_chromosomes"] as input, read during init from rsrc/.../refseq_chromosomes.yaml)
  • byconaut: Added a new plotType=histosparklines plotting option. It basically modifies plot_defaults parameters for minimal histoplots (no border, no background, small and narrow), e.g. for use in mouse-overs or in tables
    • one can still override those parameters, e.g. with &plotPars=plotDendrogramWidth=50::plotAreaHeight=32
  • byconaut: added option to use sequence id values for plotPars.plot_chros, e.g. plotPars=plot_width=980::plotChros=NC_000023.11
  • fix: a g_variants endpoint w/o any parameter led to a query error
  • removal of some byconaut code remnants
  • some internal reshuffling; e.g. move of export/print helpers to from cgi_parsing to beacon_response_generation and bycon_helpers

2024-01-18 (v1.4.0)

  • fix of plotType parameter as separate one (used in byconaut)
  • fix of wrong parameter mapping for geo:GSM.... filters
    • filter definition still pointed to instead of analysis_info.experiment_id
  • byconaut: move to general use of byc["form_data"] for arguments (i.e. requiring the command line arguments to have been parsed into this object)
  • fixed the byconaut cytomapper service by adding cyto_bands and chro_bases to the list of variant_pars

2024-01-10 (v1.3.9)

Bugfix release. Some default values provided in argument_definitions.yaml file were overriding pre-processed values, leading to e.g. to an endless loop in the handover generation.

2024-01-09 (v1.3.8)

  • argument parameter redesign
    • definition of all parameters/arguments (web & local) in argument_definitions.yaml
    • parameters not defined there will not be processed anymore (however, there are some placeholders like e.g. mode or key which are not utilized by standard methods and can be co-opted for custom inputs)
    • plot parameters are provided as a single string to plotPars, with individual parameter pairs concatenated by ::
      • in GET: plotPars=plot_chros=8,9,17::labels=8:120000000-123000000:Some+Interesting+Region::plot_gene_symbols=MYCN,TP53,MTAP,CDKN2A,MYC,ERBB2::plot_width=800
      • in CMD: --plotPars "plot_chros=8,9,17::labels=8:120000000-123000000:Some Interesting Region::plot_gene_symbols=MYCN,TP53,MTAP,CDKN2A,MYC,ERBB2::plot_width=800"
  • modification of the prdbug helper

2023-12-18 (v1.3.7)

  • added handling for user specific granularity permissions
    • so far user_name is just taken from a form parameter and then stored as byc root parameter (through set_user_name)
    • local processing (env) sets this to local (and has a default record) granularity
    • dataset specific, user specific maximum granularities can be set in authorizations.yaml which can be extended / overwritten from settings in local/authorizations.yaml (similar to beacon_defaults.yaml etc.)
    • future updates are planned to handle proper interpretation of user_name and proof of authorization...
  • configuration: the basic parameters from config.yaml are now stored as byc root parameters and not kept in a mix of root & config

2023-11-20 (v1.3.6)

  • modified BeaconDataResponse to keep the resultSetsResponse structure while remobving the results from each set, to allow resuult set specific handover delivery (labeled as CUSTOM)
  • moved all cytoband library code into byconaut (FUTURE considerations for this in case Beacon supports cytobands ...)
  • byconaut plots now directly use the database saamples format for plotting variants, w/o going through the canonical variant creation (this incurred a huge penalty)
  • reminder that byconaut plots use the plotType parameter instead of output
  • byconaut now has a color code mapping for the different (EFO, DUP/DEL ...) variant types; this allows to assign custom plot_dup_color etc. parameters while keeping the available variant types ( separated (see byconaut -> local.plot_defaults)

2023-11-17 (v1.3.5)

  • more removal of non-standard components into byconaut, e.g. for file generation such as .pgxseg
  • adding experimental target field to items in filtering_terms response
  • adding aminoacidChange and genomicAlleleShortForm to request parameters (this was a bug fix - they were already activated but not in the .json version)

2023-10-31 (v1.3.4)

This update is mostly addressing the further removal of methods specific for "beyond Beacon" functionality (e.g. variant binning and calculations for CNVs, plotting ...).

2023-10-25 (v1.3.3)

Most of the "special outputs" code has been moved to byconaut -> services. For legacy reasons (e.g. use by pgxRpi) the webserver configuration needed some rewrites ... They only apply for the Progenetix use case and are not needed if sticking to the Beacon formats or if following the use of the new apps like services/vcfvariants). Our (temporary) mappings are:

RewriteEngine On

# The following rules are for backward compatibilitty with pgxRpi before Oct 2023

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=\w*?table.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/biosamples.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/ [PT]

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=\w*?table.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/individuals.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/ [PT]

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=\w*?table.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/individuals.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/ [PT]

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=\w*?matrix.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/analyses.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/ [PT]

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=vcf.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/biosamples/([^/]+?)/g_variants.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/$1 [PT]

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*?output=pgxseg.*?)$
RewriteRule "^/beacon/biosamples/([^/]+?)/g_variants.*?$" /cgi-bin/bycon/services/$1 [PT]

2023-10-20 (v1.3.2)

This version removes the complete bycon_plot code (i.e. moves it to byconaut). It still needs the further disentangling of the other alternative response options (.pgxseg, .pgxmatrix ...) from the resultsets generation; this soon will follow blueprint of the plot code removal.

CAVE Now all plotting options have been shifted to the /services/collationplots and /services/sampleplots entry points.

2023-10-20 (v1.3.1)

This version provides another step in moving "non-standard" Beacon responses tp the byconeer project.

  • creatiing a .../services/sampleplots/ entry point which will be used to handle the sample (strips/clustered; histoplots from search results ...) web plotting instead of adding the output=histoplot etyc. option to standard Beacon queries
    • plot types can now be specified through plotType=samplesplot etc.
  • some class (ByconResultSets) restructuring to allow plot outputs (this will be changed further, probably moving the whole plot ... classes and methods to byconeer)

2023-10-12 (v1.3.0)

This is an extensive internal code update which

  • moves service response generation to byconaut (implemented as ByconautServiceResponse class w/ its methods)
  • removes many of the methods from service_utils since they have been implemented in the beacon or services response classes and (mostly) limits the library to general/initialization methods (still more to clean...)
  • fixes some inconsistencies (e.g. snake vs. camel cases in paths where sometimes non-standard versions were documented - now using the Beacon v2 defaults such as beacon/filtering_terms/ instead of beacon/filteringTerms/)
  • similar for geo queries (e.g. geoLatitude as query parameter instead of geolatitude) though this is "BeaconPlus" anyway

CAVE: These changes also affect the front-ends (progenetix-web, beaconplus-web etc.) which need to be recompiled from the latest versions

2023-08-30 (v1.2.2)

  • some defaults cleaning (e.g. removal of non-standard paths from built in beacon_defaults)

2023-08-25 (v1.2.1)

  • clean-up of info response m(all entryType schemas shown now)
  • modification of entity_defaults format
  • use of beaconCollectionsResponse for services & deprecation of ProgenetixServiceResponse
  • mongo_test_mode_query (needs to be propagated more...)
  • beaconplus domains support

2023-08-22 (v1.2.0)

  • fix of filterLogic parameter for forced global $or
  • more reshuffling of defaults and config parameters
    • merged beacon_mappings intop beacon_defaults
    • moved config.yaml to bycon/config/
    • splitting of the beacon_defaults parameters into standard parameters, e.g. for the main entry types, into the beacon_defaults.yaml file in bycon/config/, and custom parameters (e.g. Progenetix' phenopackets entry type definition or some aliases) into the /local/ location
  • streamlining of and w/ respect to those changes
  • concurrent byconaut update

2023-08-21 (v1.1.7)

This update continues with the disentangling of "package inherent" defaults and definitions and "local" ones. Partcullarly:

  • standard Beacon entity definitions arte now part of the package configuration, i.e. bycon/config/beacon_defaults.yaml has now the entities, and additional entities are then provided from bycon/local/beacon_defaults.yaml (which is copied from the project root /local/beacon_defaults.yaml) during
    • examples are the Progenetix specific data in the info entity or the non-standard phenopackets entry type
  • similar for dataset_definitions ...

2023-08-21 (v1.1.7)

This update continues with the disentangling of "package inherent" defaults and definitions and "local" ones. Partcullarly:

  • standard Beacon entity definitions arte now part of the package configuration, i.e. bycon/config/beacon_defaults.yaml has now the entities, and additional entities are then provided from bycon/local/beacon_defaults.yaml (which is copied from the project root /local/beacon_defaults.yaml) during
    • examples are the Progenetix specific data in the info entity or the non-standard phenopackets entry type
  • similar for dataset_definitions ...

2023-08-16 (v1.1.6)

  • bugfix release for service items

2023-08-16 (v1.1.4 => v1.1.5)

  • some changes to defaults & mappings parsing
    • merging content of "beacon_defaults" & "service_defaults" (if existing) files during init into "beacon_defaults"
    • new requirement: deepmerge (removed pydeepmerge))
  • some reshuffling/fixes of entry type defaults
  • refined GeoLocation schema - now in model...common and referenced there
  • v1.1.5 was a bugfix immediately after the update ...

2023-08-11 (v1.1.2 -> 1.1.3)

  • move the new histoheatplot method code to use ImageDraw instead of SVG raw for the heat strips (i.e. base64 encoded individual PNG strips)
    • e.g. reduces size of 9.3MB example to 188kB
  • 1.1.3 fixes a combination query bug

2023-08-10 (v1.1.1)

2023-08-09 (v1.1.0)

  • fixed gene position queries (had hardcoded progenetix database ...)
  • general overhaul of query generation
    • class ByconQuery
    • called directly in query_execution
    • removed some variant query types (e.g. "type only")
    • better handling of id type queries (including the retrieval of the associated variants)
    • move to collection of query objects per entity instead of collection (is mostly a logical change for general use of entities instead of the database impolementation as target - that is resolved at the query execution)
    • TODO: probably will move from the dynamic variant query type detection to a stacked "test one after the other with hard-coded parameter checks" just for sanity reasons - but right now see above
    • TODO: variant requests and request type detection still not part of class
    • TODO: geo queries into class ...
  • there is now a force_empty_plot (forceEmptyPlot) parameter so that sample queries w/o any CNV (e.g. from samples) generate an empty strip, to add non-CNV as labels
  • fixed error in interval_utils (renamed config key...)
  • fixed associated byconaut errors

2023-07-26 (v1.0.72)

  • cleaning of handovers
    • no "all variants from matched biosamples" ... anymore due to performance problems
    • now variant storage and handovers only for matched variants - i.e. if there was a variant query - or if a sample, individual ... had been requested by path id
  • CNV VCF fix
  • some general handover creation cosmetics
  • VRS schema components moved

2023-07-25 (v1.0.71)

  • finished the ByconVariant vrsVariant method and implemented this as the format for the Beacon variant response
  • added sorting to .pgxseg files
  • added compact VRSallele and VRScopyNumberChange schemas & using them in ByconVariant(byc).vrsVariant(v)
  • moved geomap_utils to byconaut/services/lib
  • improved index generation for 2dsphere indexes
  • moved geolocs to _byconServicesDB and adjusted code accordingly
  • fixed frequencyMapsGenerator for the new database

2023-07-24 (v1.0.70)

  • refactored the VCF export into exportfile_generation
  • minor pagination code cleanup

2023-07-24 (v1.0.69)

  • fixed datatable & pgxseg download error (introduced w. 1.0.68)
  • internal change of more consistant use of genomicVariant for variant entity, schema

2023-07-23 (v1.0.68)

  • first production version of ByconVariant class and consecutive retirement of ...vrsify functions
  • new defaults in variant_type_definitions per EFO type:
    • dupdel_state_id
    • snv_state_id
    • VCF_symbolic_allele
  • fixed wrong parameter mapping of alternate_bases (introduced ... when?)
  • docs: split changes & to dos...

2023-07-19 (v1.0.67)

  • fix .pgxseg file loader bug (thanks Huan Zhang!)
  • starting for a consolidated ByconVariant class

2023-07-13 (v1.0.66)

  • modified return_filtering_terms_response to parse over the collations from different datasets
    • check & streamline
  • modified retrieve_gene_id_coordinates (some error catching)
  • introduced housekeeping_db: _byconHousekeepingDB for querybuffer and beaconinfo
    • accordingly changed byconaut, e.g. housekeeping -> beacon_info_coll
  • changed services_db: _byconServicesDB for genes

2023-07-11 (v1.0.65)

  • streamlining of schema file parsing
    • the schema file root is now hard coded to path.join( pkg_path, "schemas" )
    • schemas are identified by their unique name (beaconMap.json) or patent dir / default combination (.../biosamples/defaultSchema.json)
    • ... which means those have to be unique
    • this removes all the schema path definitions from config.yaml

2023-07-06 (v1.0.64)

  • fixing camelCase / snake_case errors for filteringTerms & genomicVariations entry types (I hope; those came up in 1.0.62 after streamlining config parsing...)

2023-07-06 (v1.0.63)

  • cleaning up the script
  • fix in byconaut for local preferences when executing from local repo (where this lead to an empty stats database -> beacon errors...)

2023-07-05 (v1.0.62)

  • bug fix sample plots
  • internal function re-organization (initialize_bycon_queries deprecated & replaced by parse_filters & parse_variants)
  • also addition to the ENV config in byconaut

2023-07-04 (v1.0.61)

  • adding BYCON_MONGO_HOST environment variable to enable other MongoDB host than localhost (which remains fallback/default) - thanks @fliem for #17
  • added --noo-sudo to - thanks @fliem for #19
  • more tweaking of configuration reading

2023-06-30 (v1.0.59)

  • fixed new bug in variant parameter parsing
  • fixed wrong parsing of command line list arguments (e.g. --filters)
  • now adds the /local configurations to the /bycon/beaconServer/local/ directory
    • execution of command line beacon has access to them (not only apps in the server)
    • files are removed by / before packaghe build
  • added some command line examples to

2023-06-28 (v1.0.58)

  • extensive renaming/-shuffling, e.g.:
    • refseq_chromosomes now in rsrc/genomes/grch38 (only grch38 so far but this is all we currently use...)
      • also parse_refseq_file and __get_genome_rsrc_path functions
    • variant_request_definitions and variant_type_definitions config files from variant_definitions (separating the query config from the type mappings)
    • cytoband_utils => genome_utils
    • set_genome_rsrc_path wrapper for cytoband and interval functions
  • fix for file uploader issues
    • TODO: documentation on website & lazy loading (e.g. interpolating sample to biosample_id; maybe just use column order ...)

2023-06-26 (v1.0.57)

  • more disentangling of configuration between byconaut/services and /bycon

2023-06-21 (v1.0.56)

  • info_db => services_db parameter renaming
  • fix of missing interpolation of query parameters into the response metadata

2023-06-21 (v1.0.55): Removal of /services

  • removed the /services part from the bycon package - it is now maintained in byconaut with the local location being defined in install.yaml
  • fixed some tests

2023-06-21 (v1.0.54)

  • adding normalize_pgx_variant

2023-06-13 (v1.0.53)

2023-06-12 (v1.0.52)

  • modified handover_definitions to follow the specification:
  • handoverType now as in spec, also using public identifier where possible (so far "id": "EDAM:3016", "label": "VCF" for all VCF h->0)
  • since now different handovers can have the same this required the addition of an info.contentId value for the frontend to disambiguate
  • starting the work on the arrayplot (?) plot type, including a new method for getting probe file paths (not yet activated)
  • several field changes in biosamples, to align w/ main Beacon v2 default schema:
  • sampledTissue => sampleOriginDetail
  • description => notes
  • timeOfCollection.age => collectionMoment

2023-06-06 (byconaut)

  • moved MongoDB index generation to
  • started to organize actions in w/ user prompts

2023-06-05 (v1.0.51)

  • fixed pgxseg file reader (broken reference_name ... parsing after recent chromosome fix)
  • removed some publication libraries/schemas only used in byconaut

2023-06-02 (v1.0.50)

  • fixed missing chromosomes in .pgxseg exports
  • age search now with 2 values possible (e.g. to set a range)

2023-05-31 (v1.0.49)

  • added days_from_iso8601duration method
  • added in individuals index_disease.onset.age_days field
    • populated using the new method w/ a byconaut "housekeeping" script
  • added a first alphanumeric filter type & parsing
  • this enables now an age filter query, e.g. filters=age:<=P35Y2D

2023-05-31 (v1.0.48)

  • addresses VCF export bugs #14, #15 and #16 (thanks David!)
  • fixes some null value complaints from the Beacon verifier (thanks Dmitry!)

2023-05-26 (v1.0.47)

  • changed handover id format from pgx:handover:biosamples to CURIE-compatible pgx:HO.biosamples etc. style (see Beacon #83)

2023-05-25 (v1.0.46)

  • changed the internal schema for genomic variants
    • simplification, e.g. using everywhere variantState and flattening of the location object
    • adding MT chromosome support (though not necessarily for searches etc.)

2023-05-24 (v1.0.45)

  • instantiate_schema has been rewritten; this lead to a number of code adjustments (e.g. usually starting w/ the schemas themselves, not w/ properties when instantiating) and bug fixes (mostly capturing errors from default "none" values)

2023-05-22 (v1.0.44)

  • code clean-up
  • removal of unnecessary "return" staements
  • re-structuring of argument_definitions.yaml in preparation for common parsing of input values

2023-05-17 (v1.0.43)

  • rewrite of .pgxseg processing into ByconBundler class
    • includes callsets_variants_bundles and callsets_frequencies_bundles for plot object generation
  • plot labels fix for labels starting at the 0 base

2023-05-12 (v1.0.41)

  • complete refactoring of plot code as ByconPlot class
  • renamed library

2023-05-09 (v1.0.40)

2023-05-03 (v1.0.38)

2023-05-01 (v1.0.37)

  • more plotting: now histograms and samples - if >3 - get a dendrogram to indicate the clustering results
    • clustering can be suppressed by &plotClusterResults=false

2023 01-04

2023-04-27 (v1.0.36)

2023-04-27 (v1.0.35)

  • new library for cluster matrix generation and clustering
    • uses scipy.cluster
    • first test implementation for frequency maps; auto-clusters if >2 using the concatenated gain and loss frequencies per standard binning
    • tree plotting
  • plot gene label refinement

2023-04-25 (v1.0.35)

2023-04-20 (v1.0.34)

2023-04-17 (v1.0.33)

2023-04-14 (v1.0.32)

  • basic implementation of plot labels for the collation frequency plots, using the plot_region_labels parameter
  • switch of the UI to use this plotter instead of the Perl based PGX one (only for the pre-computed collations)

2023-04-14 (v1.0.30)

2023-04-12 (v1.0.29)

  • fixed broken dataset selection (bug introduced w/ v1.0.28)
  • moved dataset parsing to separate library lib/

2023-04-11 (v1.0.28)

  • fixed the filter processing where "correctly looking but not existing" filter patterns were pruned from the query instead of being kept & leading to a mismatch
  • added 2 types of warnings for such cases:
    • undefined filter pattern
    • correct pattern but value not in database

2023-03-31 (v1.0.27)

  • FIX: ids service (and therefore resolver) was broken due to custom & degraded config path

2023-03-31 (v1.0.26)

  • removal of VRS classes since VRS is about to switch to EFO
  • added EFO:0020073: high-level copy number loss from the upcoming EFO release
  • adding examplez dataset definition

2023-03-30 (v1.0.25)

Bug fix release:

  • fixed output=text errors
  • some argument parsing bugs that crept in with last release
  • library re-shuffling w/ respect to byconaut

2023-03-27 (v1.0.24)

  • added output=vcf option for variant export & made it default for the phenopackets entity
    • VCF export is basic & hasn't been tested for round trip compatibility
  • added filter exclusion flag:
    • for POST a Boolean "excluded": true
    • for GET prefixing a term by an exclamation mark (e.g. !PATO:0020002)
    • this is a BeaconPlus feature - see issue #63 in beacon-v2

2023-03-02 (v1.0.22)

  • v1.0.22 fixes the testMode=True call


  • bycon now available as Pypi package
    • pip install bycon


  • create bycon documentation subdomain & configure Github pages for it